- voodoo in altona -

an exhibition of fetish objects by the german artist jami wolfsberg from october 8-15, 2011 in the projekthaus hamburg.

the fetish objects shown in this exhibition combine elements of the african, indian, pre-columbian (aztecs and maya ) and roman-catholic culture.

further influences are surrealism, phantastic and psychedelic art, the voodoo cult, gothic horror, shamanism and witchcraft.

in many of these cults and cultures, fetishes or sacral objects are used to operate as mediators between spirit and man; in the course of time and adequate treatment, they will carry the power ascribed to the spirit by themselves.

just so, it is the predominant function of the objects shown here to operate as `vessels` for spiritual beings; these may be ghosts, ancient gods, ancestors, demons, saints or simply psychological archetypes.

one may call them non-corporeal intelligences or fields of force which exist on an entirely spiritual level, the ` other side ` or ` beyond ` of our reality.

a contact with these beings is possible in altered states of mind, like dreams, meditation, psychedelic experiences, dance and ritual.

such experiences may lead to the border between this world and the other one or completely into it; the beings and locations which in a visionary way may be perceived there are the origin of the objects shown here.

despite of being actual spiritual realities, the respective mode of appearance of such beings and spaces will be of a different kind for each individual; entirely spiritual beings or psychic fields of force may take on every shape and meaning which is projected on- to them by an observer, in accordance with cultural imprints made.

these are no positive or negative, bright or dark, ` good ` or ` evil `, friendly or hostile beings by nature; they rather repre- sent a psychic potential which may be recognized, utilized or rejected in a variety of ways.

like mirrors, these fetish objects may reflect to the observer his respective state of consciousness or degree of individual evolution; the reaction upon them only reflects one`s very own preferences and dislikes, fears and opinions.

a confrontation with them will always tell the viewer something about himself, and a potential extension of consciousness is a central motivation of this art.

jami wolfsberg was born in hamburg, germany, where he also lives. mainly engaged in the field of electronic music during the late 80`s and entire 90`s, the range of his activities was ex- tended from around 1996 into visual artworks, and from around 2000 into the construction of metal objects.

the fetish objects were built from 2007 - 2011.

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- voodoo at The projekthaus –

the german artist jami wolfsberg, born in hamburg, plays with the creeps. his fetish objects are not for the faint-hearted. having an inclination for rich detail, wolfsberg interweaves prepared animal cadavers with strings of beads and a variety of jewelry into cult objects and trophies from the other side.

he considers them to be spiritual beings or non-corpo- real intelligences . they combine elements of various indigenous cultures, like the african, indian and pre- columbian ( aztecs and maya ) culture, of shamanism and voodoo.

they serve as mediators between spirit and man. Wolfsberg ascribes spiritual potential to his creations; their fields of force may take on every shape and meaning projected onto them by an observer.

october 8-15, 2011
3-9 pm daily


this site was conceived and designed by
Jami Wolfsberg
Rentzelstrasse 32
20146 Hamburg

its realization was done by

Many Thanx also to Giulia Follina
(www.projekthaus-hh.de) for making
the Exhibition possible, to Zejnel
Ramadani (www.Repro-Luedke.de)
for his graphic-Design Skills and to
Kwabena denteh (www.Ashanti-art.de)
For mental and physical support.